ARSAL Symposium – “Experimenting on Animals – Where to?”

Time schedule

8.30 – 9.00 – Registration of participants


  • Mircea LEABU – Opening word

9.00 – 11.00

Session I:

Legislation on animal experimentation and 3R. Limits and challenges

  • Mihaela DUMITRACHE – National legislation on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes. Updates and perspectives.
  • Ioana ANDRONIE – 3R Principles in the use of animals for scientific purposes.
  • Cristin COMAN – Myth and reality in applying 3R methods.
  • Ștefan-Adrian STRUNGARU – 2D and 3D behavioral applications to the zebrafish model organism (Danio rerio) for studying the effects and normation of contaminants in the environment and food.

11.00 – 11.30 – Coffee break

11.30 – 13.00

Session II:

Training and education in the field of animal experimentation in Romania and in the European Union.

  • Magda GONCIAROV – Principles of animal experimentation education.
  • Bogdan SEVASTRE – Common framework for education and training – perspectives at European and national level.
  • Cristina Ana CONSTANTINESCU – Introduction to the methodology of obtaining the FELASA certification for working with laboratory animals.
  • Florin SIMEDREA – Presentation Biocide for veterinary use PROFIPET SILVER (S)

13.00-14.00 – Lunch break

14.00 – 15.30

Session III

Research and development platforms for animal experimentation

  • Cosmin MUSTĂCIOSU – Research Infrastructure from the Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering – Horia Hulubei with applications in the biomedical field.
  • Iuksel RAŞIT – In vivo pharmacodynamic evaluation – Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect.
  • Gabriela Dumitriţa STANCIU – Advanced Research and Development Center in Experimental Medicine (CEMEX), UMF Iaşi – preclinical drug research, where to?
  • Gheorghița ISVORANU – INCD “Victor Babeș” Bucharest Animal facility,  – Research infrastructure and experimental models in vivo

15.30 – Concluding the symposium



Assuring Competence in Practical Tasks – Lucy Whitfield1, AndreiaCosta2, Eirini Fragiadaki3, Rafael Frias4, Brian Mphande5, Paul West6

1.Royal Vet College, UK; 2.Univ do Porto, PT; 3 InstPasteur, GR; 4. Karolinska Inst, SE; 5.Tampere Univ, FI; 6.Univ Oxford, UK